Achtung! Update 1.033b


Yell for someone if you need help fast
BH Lt. von Schmidlak: Get your FIFXXI claims in before Wed. Mar. 18th! See my post in claims thread for more info! Mar 7, 2015 12:56:27 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: If you have missions on the BH server, please see the post in the messhall ASAP. Feb 19, 2015 12:21:37 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: Turns on the Bat light over Gotham City to signal the fearless leader :o Feb 12, 2015 22:28:06 GMT -6
BH Uffz. Belfast: It's under ZAk 1CGS WORKS FOR RISE OF fLIGHT Sept 28, 2014 15:20:09 GMT -6
BH Uffz. Belfast: Sorry in ROF forum about losing service fro Sept 26-30 supposedly for better upgrade he even sounds like it don't sound right Sept 28, 2014 15:17:05 GMT -6
BH Uffz. Belfast: I tried to Log in earlier read new posts from zAK INN ROF FORUM SOUNDS LITTLE STRANGE Sept 28, 2014 15:15:08 GMT -6
Deleted: Dogfight Training Server password? Aug 2, 2014 13:37:07 GMT -6
BH_Uffz_Slingblade: W00T! Internet back up! Still gotta log into the router, but definite progress! May 21, 2014 17:18:33 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: Black Haze new HQ site --- > May 11, 2014 21:38:15 GMT -6
BH_Uffz_Slingblade: Snap view May 2, 2014 14:04:33 GMT -6
BH_Target: ROF web site and game server is down. Mar 14, 2014 17:43:03 GMT -6
BH_Target: I need feow ts p/w am on bh ts channel Feb 22, 2014 12:56:11 GMT -6
BH_Lt_Reddog: Boy's i'am on the lap top my PC as been moved while the family are around for crimbo so no flying for me till the weekend. Dec 26, 2013 6:06:43 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: Merry Christmas everyone ! Dec 25, 2013 7:51:18 GMT -6
BH_Lt_Reddog: I am out visiting family today so won't be on till later. Dec 22, 2013 11:32:54 GMT -6
BH von G├╝ber: Hope you feel better quick. Dec 14, 2013 23:56:07 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: FYI: Fighting a Flu bug and still trying to work for the holidays, Sleep and work is all im doing for a few days till I can kick this bug. Dec 14, 2013 0:00:24 GMT -6
BH Vfw. Lotharludwig: HEY answer ts (when you have a chance) Nov 10, 2013 18:42:30 GMT -6
BH Oblt. Firecage: Just wanted to say great job to all the squad for tonight's effort in FIF. Awesome work all ! Oct 16, 2013 23:32:47 GMT -6
BH_Lt_Reddog: VG have you seen the doddle for time slots for FEOW? Sept 21, 2013 20:11:37 GMT -6